Matt Ravida Video of the Day: Welcome to the Adam Morrison Show

It has been a while since the Matt Ravida Video of the Day posts have been made, so why not bring it back with one of the top individual performances from this past summer’s NBA Vegas Summer League, from none other than the self proclaimed “Great Moustachio” himself, Adam Morrison.

“Adam Morrison vs. the Celtics in Summer League”, is the title of the video on youtube and its most likely the appropriate title as Morrison puts on a show. Scoring from angles all over the court, draining threes from beyond deep and even showing off a bit of his rebounding 4-6 from three point range.

Nonetheless, here is the amazing video, and be prepared for your jaw to drop a lot during this video….do not say I didn’t warn you.

Told you all that it was pretty impressive. The man with diabetes can still really ball.

Did you guys hear the MVP chants at 1:22?

Written By: Matt Ravida

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Can PSG be Considered One the World’s Best Clubs?

With the latest signings of AC Milan’s defender Thiago SIlva and striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic for a combined £49 million ($75 million), PSG didn’t find any trouble complimenting their newest forward, Ezequial Lavezzi who signed to them earlier this month.

Being bought earlier this year by Qatar Investment Authority, Paris Saint-Germain broke the single season record for money spent at €108 million.

Signing key players in every position, PSG is showing why they are a club to be reckoned with.

Let’s take a look at this new powerhouse’s recent key transfers starting with the defenders.


Thiago Silva– Thiago Silva can easily be considered to be the world’s best defender. SIlva captained the AC Milan squad to a second place finish in last year’s Serie A campaign, four points behind the winners Juventus.

What separates Silva from other central defenders around the world is his uncanny ability to be a huge asset to the midfielders and forwards with his great speed and passing touch.

Silva is a special talent and can easily bring the leadership and skill that he brought night in and night out in Milan to PSG.

Alex– After submitting a transfer request on December 3rd 2011, Alex finally got his wish and on January 27th 2012 was transferred to PSG.

Even though being plagued by injuries in almost all of his seasons at Chelsea, Alex was a huge part of the defence system made by Carlo Ancelloti. Once Ancelloti was sacked it was if Alex was lost also, telling the media the reason for him wanting to leave was because new manager Andre Villas-Boas had not given him enough playing time.

Like is new teammate Alex plays for the Brazilian national squad. Alex transferred from Chelsea FC for a reported €5m.


Javier Pastore- 23 year old Javier Pastore signed with PSG in the summer of 2011 for a fee of €22.8 million from the Serie A squad, Palermo.

Pastore was awarded the Serie A Young Player of the Year award in 2010. In that year he recorded 11 goals in 25 appearances.

Carlos Ancelotti, left, with Lavezzi, middle, and Pastore, right.

In his first  year with PSG, Pastore recorded a career-high 16 goals and 8 assists.

Club manager Carlos Ancelotti has said on many occasions how he believes Pastore could be a one of the worlds best midfielders over time.”He’s getting better with each match. He still needs to work on his fitness because he’s not yet 100%,” Ancelotti told the club’s official website. “But I’m happy because he’s making the difference we need.”

Ezequiel Lavezzi- One of PSG’s first summer transfers, Lavezzi was acquired for a fee of €30 million.

Lavezzi is a speedy left-winger in which PSG desperately needed. He’ll add experience, playmaking and leadership to this newly assembled squad.

Like his new teammate Javier Pastore, Lavezzi is Argentinian and both play for the national team. Lavezzi could play the part of mentor for the budding star who is Pastore, in which he desperately needs.

In his 5 years with Napoli, Lavezzi scored 48 goals and 49 assists.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic- Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the latest signing by PSG. He was acquired for a fee of around €20 million.

Ibrahimovic’s 3-year contract would see him receive a net annual salary of €14 million including bonuses. This makes him the second highest footballer in the world behind Samuel Eto’o.

Ibrahimovic recorded 28 goals in the Serie A for Milan in the 2011-2012, a career high. Ibrahimovic won Serie A’s top scorer award that year.

Ibrahimovic, considered to be one of the worlds best strikers when he’s in form, is the player up front in which any team in the world could thrive from. He is a great addition the team and will go right in and dominate the way he has in almost every team he has played for.

Do not be surprise to see a new powerhouse in the world of club soccer. PSG is determined to leave their fingerprints in next years UEFA competition. As Football fans we are in for a a french club who can dominate this tournament in ways we have never seen and we will be nothing but pure entertainment to see.

Written by: Mohamed A. Mohamed

James led USA Basketball Squad get Second Win Against a Surprising Brazilian Side

Washington, United States- With the American side being down at the end of the first quarter 27-17, James pushed a 25-5 run that showed how deep and defensively solid this team was.

James led all scorers with 30 points, also with 6 rebounds and 4 steals to lead Team USA to a 80-69 victory. James had great support from Kevin Durant, who was playing in his home city Washington, finished 11 points and Chris Paul finished with 10.

Team USA sustained a lead all through the second half with their smallest lead being 6 points with under six minutes left in the fourth quarter.

Alex Garcia led the Brazilian side with 14 points. Varejao also recorded 12 points and 13 rebounds.

The exhibition game was a great identifier that this team is no where near their full potential. Playing in a fast tempo style game is when Team USA is absolutely unmatched. The key to a USA gold medal is if they continue to outrun and tire the other teams out.

Team USA will face Great Britian in Manchester in 3 days.

Written by: Mohamed A. Mohamed

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NBA Power Rankings: The 5 Best Sixth Man Award Winners

Nonetheless, these players are known as the 6th man. The best player coming off the their teams respected benches.

All these players are talented players, and at one point in their career they were starters. But at the point they won this award, they were their teams 6th man.

So here is a list compiling the five best players to ever win this award.

5. Jason Terry, Guard, Dallas Mavericks (2009)

Stats of the Year the Player Won the Award

Points Per Game: 19.6

Rebounds Per Game: 2.4

Assists Per Game: 3.4

Blocks Per Game: 0.3

Steals Per Game: 1.1

Terry is another example of a great scorer in this league. Like Crawford, if Terry was on most other teams he could be a starter.

But some odd reason coming off the bench, Terry has been at his best. Averaging 12-19 points every season since becoming a role player off the bench.

4. Jamal Crawford, Guard, Atlanta Hawks (2010)

Stats of the Year the Player Won the Award

Points Per Game: 18.0

Rebounds Per Game: 2.5

Assists Per Game: 3.0

Blocks Per Game: 0.2

Steals Per Game: 0.8

Crawford as turned into an elite scorer in this league. He is simply a pure scorer. One of the bes the NBA has to offer.

He could easily be starting any 20+ others teams in the league.

But when you play the same position as a player by the name of Joe Johnson, it is tough to crack the starting line-up.

Nonetheless this is why Crawford is the reigning 6th Man of the Year winner. And is arguably the front runner to repeat the award come next season.

3. Detlef Schrempf, Forward, Indiana Pacers (1991,1992)

Stats of the Year the Player Won the Award

Points Per Game: 16.1, 17.3

Rebounds Per Game: 8.0, 9.6

Assists Per Game: 3.7, 3.9

Blocks Per Game: 0.3, 0.5

Steals Per Game: 0.7, 0.8

Detlef Schremf is a very underrated player in the league. He was a crafty big man that played multiple positions because if his size and athleticism as a bigger player.

Schremf was also a very good three point shooter, shooting roughly 38% for three for his career. And in the 1994-95 season he hit 51% of his threes, helping his team to the NBA Championship, where they lost to the Bulls.

He was also a three time all-star, and Schremf along with Dirk Nowitzki are the only two Germans to ever reach the NBA Finals.

2. Manu Ginobili, Guard, San Antonio Spurs (2008)

Stats of the Year the Player Won the Award

Points Per Game: 19.5

Rebounds Per Game: 4.8

Assists Per Game: 4.5

Blocks Per Game: 0.4

Steals Per Game: 1.5

Ginboli is one of the better role players this game has ever seen. He could easily start for the Spurs. But he was given the bench role, and took it better then most players would ever.

Ginobili won the the award back in 2008. But has helped the Spurs to three NBA Championships in his eight year career.

Manu is a slick player that can score with the best of them. He is a great driver to the basket with the wicked left hand of his.

The year he won the 6th man award he averaged career highs in points, rebounds and three point shooting percentage. Shooting 40% from beyond the three point line.

1. Kevin McHale, Forward/Center, Boston Celtics (1984,1985)

Stats of the Year the Player Won the Award

Points Per Game: 18.4, 19.8

Rebounds Per Game: 7.4, 9.0

Assists Per Game: 1.3, 1.8

Blocks Per Game: 1.5, 1.5

Steals Per Game: 0.3, 0.4

Go figure! Kevin McHale, one of the greatest power forwards, and Boston Celtic to ever play the game started less than half the games he played in? McHale played in 971 career games and only started 400 of those games!

McHale was a beast down low. With his 7’7 wingspan. He used every inch of that to his advantage. He was not the quickest or fastest player on the court. But he combined his length, with his high basketball IQ, to play great defense, and use those soft hands to score around the basket.

McHale coming off the bench played a key role along with all-time great, Larry Bird in the teams championship run in the 1984 season.

As you can see in the headline, McHale won this award twice in back-to-back seasons.

Though, in the 1984-85 season McHale did start 30 games near the end of the season after a knee injury to Cedric Maxwell.

McHale is the the top player to ever win this award for many reason. He made all-stars, lead the Celtics to championships. And did most of this coming off of the bench.

Written By: Matt Ravida

Matt Ravida Video of the Day: Javale McGee and $10 Million Reasons Why He Does or Does Not Deserves a New Contract

With the recent negotiations the Denver Nuggets are having with Javale McGee, the Nuggets and McGee are discussing a deal that could potentially pay McGee $10 million annually for the unpredictable center.

This leaves me to wonder are the Nuggets going to make one of the smartest decisions and lock up an up-and-coming center who has show flashes of brilliance, but at the same time has shown that he is arguably the dumbest player in the NBA. Time will only tell with McGee to see what kind of player we see from him. Since coming to the Nuggets half through the season last year from the Wizards was a great turning point for his career getting him out of the terrible situation the Wizards and McGee himself were in.

But for everyone out there who thinks of McGee as the dumbest player in the NBA, and should not be deserving of $10 million a season this video is for you.

Written By: Matt Ravida

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San Francisco 49ers Are The Dark-Horse Team To Win The Superbowl Next Season

The San Francisco 49ers are coming off one of their best seasons in recent memory, going 13-3 and losing to New York Giants by a field goal in the NFC Conference Championship.

So can coach Jim Harbaugh and the Alex Smith lead 49ers make the next step to reach the Superbowl next season?

The answer to that question is yes. The 49ers have what it takes to take that next step and reach the Superbowl for the first time since 1994 when they were led by Steve Young.

First lets start in the defensive side of the 49ers. The 49ers return almost he exact same defensive unit as last season that ranked 3rd overall in the league and 1st against the run, allowing points on average of only 77.2 yards per game. They are anchored in the middle by not only one oft he most feared middle linebackers in the league, but arguably the most feared defensive player regardless of position in Patrick Willis.

Alex Smith in my opinion is the one who will either bring the 49ers to the promise land or sink them after week six. Alex Smith has come a long way since his days as a #1 overall pick in 2005. Under Harbaugh, Smith put up his best statistical number sin his seven year career and even showed he had some clutch performances in him (youtube link). Next year is the year that Alex Smith will finally break out, he has one year under his belt in the Harbaugh system and will only flourish with another season with his young offensive line and one of the most talented receiving cores at his disposal. Look for his career high of 18 touchdown passes to significantly increase next season.

The running backs of the 49ers is highly underrated. Though to many Frank Gore is on the decline of his career and think his best years are behind him, but I think for the man who runs harder than anyone in the league will play with an even bigger chip on his shoulder this season. Brandon Jacobs will come in and terrorize defenders on the goal line and make 4th down conversions that much more easier with letting him run it up the gut, or diversions with having such an option in your backfield. The drafting of Oregon’s LaMichael James could turn out to be a steal. If given the opportunity James will surprise a lot of people next season. His on-field and off-field antics have overshadowed his career at Oregon, but that is beside the fact when it comes to his skill when the ball is in his hands.

The offensive line could be the one problem the 49ers must face, but nearing the end of the season and into the playoffs the young tackle Anthony Davis, seemed comfortable with his role, and hopefully his play towards the later part of the season carries over into this season rather than the first half he had this year.  Joe Staley has emerged into a great tackle who protects Smith;s blind side and if he continues to grow next season, could bring the 49ers added success. Mike Iupati is an outstanding guard and has been ever since he stepped in the league. He is one of the better guards in the NFL has a great eye for the run game and has started 32 of 32 games in his career showing great durability for such a demanding position. Though their center in Joanthan Goodwin is average and they need to find someone to upgrade at the guard position.

The 49ers biggest weakness could be their offensive line depending on whether or not they come to play. If they are an inconsistent bunch then Alex Smith could be getting sacked more often then not. But if it is the line that showed up in the end of the season, then we have a good quarterback in Alex Smith who will have time to throw to the many talented receiving crop.

Lastly, I will save the best for last and that is the newly revamped 49ers receiving core that headlines Mario Manningham, AJ Jenkins, Ted Ginn Jr., Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis and the newly acquired Randy Moss make up one of the most dynamic and scariest receivers in the NFL. Manningham is going to bring a different value to this team and will give them possessions and short down catches. The rookie Jenkins will still have a lot of work to do to crack this talented crop but nonetheless will get his catches. Ginn Jr., will most likely be used as a special teams magician with his spectacular punt and kick-off returns. Michael Crabtree is one of the games most talented young receivers and this is his year to finally break though to shut up all his critics. Veron Davis will continue to be the most athletic tight end in the NFL and will benefit most with a drastic improvement to the receiving core.

Randy Moss deserves his own paragraph in itself because Moss simply can be the reason why the 49ers are to win a Superbowl next season. When Moss’ mind is in it and he wants to play he is arguably the best receiver in the game. He still holds the record for most receiving touchdowns in a season with 23, he is the most dynamic deep threat receiver in the game and will improve the 49ers 30th ranked red zone attack from last season. Thus far in training camp his head has been right and he is even mentoring the younger receivers like Crabtree and Jenkins. But then again it is Randy Moss we are talking about. One flick of the switch and its a completely different player. If he is able to keep the mindset going that he has now and build a great relationship with Alex Smith the 49ers will be one of the most dangerous offences in the NFL. Coach Jim Harbaugh even stated that Randy Moss is his best receiver right now which is great for the 49ers and terrible for opposing teams.

In conclusion, the 49ers have all the pieces in place, they have a genius coach who puts his players in the position that they need to be in to succeed. They are in a weaker conference and should have no troubles winning the division. With the few but key additions they made to the roster, the 49ers could be serious Superbowl contenders and are my 2012-13 NFL Darkhorse to take the Superbowl contingent on which  Randy Moss shows up.

Written By: Matt Ravida