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NBA Free Agency: Nick Young Inks Deal With Phili; How Does He Fit In?

Nick Young, known to nearly 40,000 of his twitter followers as “Nick Swaggy P Young” has just signed a one year contract worth $6 million with the Philadelphia 76ers.

So how does Nick Young fit into the direction that the 76ers are trying to go?

The Doug Collin’s lead 76ers are more of a old-school team oriented type style, whereas Nick Young is the give me the ball and clear out type player. Nick Young thrived under the Chris Paul lead Clippers in which CP3 took most of the attention away from defences which gave Young the ability to just find the open gap and put points on the board in numerous ways.

He was an instant offensive threat off the bench for the Clippers (kind of the same offensive threat of the man he could be replacing in Philadelphia by the name of Lou Williams). Nick Young is one of the best pure scorers the NBA has to offer, and that is all you will get from him, nothing more than putting points up on the board. With career averages of 1.9RPG and 0.9 APG that is pretty evident that Young is just a pure scorer.

Young will most likely back up Evan Turner at the two spot and could turn into the 6th man that Lou Williams filled as for the past few years, depending on how they deal with the Lou Williams situation and whether or not they bring him back. So with that being said if we assume they do not bring Williams back then adding Nick Young gives you a certified scorer who can score in bunches and at the price could be a steal, knowing he is only signed to a one year deal. Young may not be as a volume scorer as Williams, the thing they both have in common is that they can both up big time scoring numbers. Young averaged 17.4 in 2011 with the Wizards and 16.6 with them last year before being traded.

As well with the 76ers putting their amnesty on Elton Brand and his remaining 18 million it frees up a lot of cap for the 76ers to make other moves.

If Doug Collins is able to control Nick Young and maximize his scoring abilities in a Jrue Holiday run offence, I think we can see Nick Young putting up huge scoring numbers for the 76ers off the bench. All this is contingent on whether or not the re-sign Lou Williams.

Written By: Matt Ravida

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