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What Does The Signing of Brandon Roy and Nicolas Batum Do for the Timberwolves?

The Timberwolves have had a pretty solid Free Agency if everything is to work out to plan the Wolves may have the pieces to finally get them into the playoffs.

First, it starts with the signing of Brandon Roy for two years and $10.4 million. Brandon Roy did not play last season as his concurring knee cartridge (or rather lack of cartridge), forced Brandon Roy to retire after the the 2011 Playoffs. Though in those playoffs he showed that he still has the scoring capabilities he showed in his early days as a Trail Blazer went we scored 24 points to get the series tied up.

Brandon Roy brings a proven scorer and proven clutch scorer when he is healthy, of course that is a big question with the health issues that Roy has faced in his career, but with that being said Roy is a proven all star when health and can score 40 points on any given night. He gives the Wolves a much needed perimeter  and reliable shooter that the Wolves need in order to bring them out of the bottom of the West.

If Roy is to stay healthy, and put up between 16-20 points for the Wolves next season, I would take that $5.2 million average he would be getting any day. Clutchness is something you an never put a price on.

The next signing is that of Nicolas Batum, in which is still not finalized because he is a restricted free agent though he agreed to an offer sheet from the Wolves for four years $45 million, in which Portland still might match. (Though Portland is offering Derrick Williams & Martell Webster in a sign and trade deal for Batum).

Batum is one of those glue guys that the Timberwolves are in desperate in need of. Batum will come in and do exactly what the Wolves need him to do. He will defend all five positions if needed to since he possess the athleticism to do so. He can hit the open jump shot and is able to take his much smaller defenders to the whole.

Batum will come into the Wolves and start right away at the three spot and give them a monstrous front court of Batum, Kevin Love and the surprising Nikola Pekovic who emerged last year out of nearly no where to put up 14 ppg, 7 rpg shooting 56% from the floor in only 27 minutes a game, not a bad per 48. Add that next to a backcourt of Juan Barea and Brandon Roy and you got yourself a pretty scary starting five. This is not even including the most unselfish player in the NBA, Ricky Rubio as he is still recovering from a torn ACL. Once you add Rubio to the mix,  you have yourself a play-off team. The Timberwolves bench is pretty solid as well (Luke Ridnour, Wayne Ellington,  Wesley Johnson, Darko Milicic and the newly acquired Chase Budinger, aka “White Man Can’t Jump”). Whether or not Martell Webster and Derrick Williams are on the team soley relies on what happens in the Nicolas Batum deal.

Overall, the two veteran signings of Brandon Roy and Nicolas Batum can really be beneficial for the TImberwolves, and it can allow them to take that next step into the NBA Playoffs.

Written By: Matt Ravida

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