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Would Marcus Camby Solidify a Repeat for the Heat?

Marcus Camby is set to have meetings with the New York Knicks and Miami Heat. On one side of the story you have Camby returning to his former where he saw his career flourish, and on the other side you have maybe going to the defending champs, Miami Heat.

Camby, 38 now, has narrowed his list down to the two teams in which he believes can make a push for an NBA Championship, something in which Camby has yet to win in his 18 year career.

With the New York Knicks, Camby may have that soft spot since it is one his former teams, and a team he had great success with. Camby also would likely get more money signing with the Knicks rather than singing with the Heat because the Heat already gave their mid-level to Ray Allen. So it would be hard to see if Camby will sign for the veterans minimum of roughly $1.4 million to play qith the Heat.

The one thing that that the Heat do have over the Knicks, is that they give Camby the best chance to start and get heavy minutes. Something that Camby really wants, a starting job. He will most definatly not be starting over the reining Defensive Player of The Year in Tyson Chandler.

With that being said lets look at the Miami Heat side of things. They can potentially find their center that they have been looking for ever since the “Big Three” came to Miami because not many decent centers have been affordable to them. But if Camby takes into account that he is 38 years old, the Heat or defending champions, and that he could be the missing piece that just puts the Heat over the top and almost guarantees himself a ring? That is something you must take into consideration over what? Getting a few more millions to play for a playoff team and you will be coming off the bench behind Tyson Chandler.

Camby with career averages of 9.7 points 9.9 rebounds and an astounding 2.4 blocks (7.1, 9.3, 1.5 last reason respectively), can be exactly what the Heat need to give them a liable center in the middle who does not need offensive touches and is happy getting 10 rebounds and three blocks a game while scoring only five points a game.

So, Marcus Camby it is up to you. You already have millions in earnings, why not sign with the Heat to solidify their chances to repeat as NBA Champions and retire as a champion.

Written By: Matt Ravida

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