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Alert: The 2012 Olympic Dream Team Is Now Set In Place

Nearly an hour ago the 2012 Men’s USA Olympic Basketball was announced.  With the likes of Derrick Rose, Dwyane Chris Bosh and  Dwight Howard not on the team due to injuries, we could be seeing a new look USA “Dream Team”, for the upcoming 2012 London Olympics.

The USA Roster is stacked with talent from head to toe no weaknesses in my opinion except one, and it seems to be something USA always forgets to add is a drop dead shooter. Other than that this USA like many seems pretty flawless and has every area covered. The American players will try to repeat what they accomplished back in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

So we will take a look at the roster starting with the small men.

Point Guards

Chris Paul/Los Angeles Clippers

Chris Paul will more than likely serve as the starting leader guard for the US Team, and there is no other person I would rather have lead for a team like this. Though there are some concerns with a minor thumb injury that Paul sustained in practice, he will still assume duties of the lead point guard. Paul will come in and be exactly what this team needs, a point guard who is unselfish and will get the ball in the hands of Kobe and LeBron (Opps spoiler report), while taking the ball handling duties off of them. Having your lead guard as unselfish as Paul will really beneficial for Team USA.

Deron Williams/Brooklyn Nets

Still feels weird writing the Brooklyn Nets, but nonetheless Deron Williams deserves to be on the team, and it is not bad to have a three time all-star as your back-up point guard. Williams size and his ability to play the two spot as well cause he is a very good shooter will allow him to get more minutes between the point and shooting guard positions.

Russell Westbrook/Oklahoma City Thunder

Again, having the point guard who made it all the way to NBA Finals as your third string point guard? Now that is something not many teams in the Olympics will have. Westbrook’s game may not be the best suited for FIBA play as the FIBA game is best suited for shooters, but his fearless attacking skills will earn him some quality minutes as a youngster on this team.

Shooting Guards

Kobe Bryant/Los Angeles Lakers

Not much can be said about Kobe because he has been a part of USA Basketball for quiet sometime now and brought them extreme success. He will be looked upon to bring the gold medal back to the States.

James Harden/Oklahoma City Thunder

In my opinion this is a big surprise, because I feel that Eric Gordon’s game is more suited for the FIBA style with Gordon’s ability to knock down consistent perimeter shots. Harden will still bring a great attacking dimension to the team, and of course that gruesome beard of his. #FearTheBeard.

Small Forwards 

Before naming the small forwards I am pretty sure this is one of the most talented line of small forwards every assembled on one time. With all players being in the prime of their careers. Without further detail here is Team USA’s small forward crop.

LeBron James/Miami Heat

  • 2012 NBA Champion and Finals MVP
  • 3x Most Valuable Player
  • 8x All-Star
  • 2008 NBA Scoring Champion
  • Golden Medal in 2008 Olympics in Beijing
  • Bronze Medal in 2004 Olympics in Athens
Kevin Durant/Oklahoma City Thunder
  • 23 Years Old
  • NBA Rookie of The Year
  • 3x NBA All-Star
  • 3x NBA Scoring Champion
  • Finalist of 2012 NBA Finals
  • Career Points Average of 26.3

Carmelo Anthony/New York Knicks

  • 5x NBA All-Star
  • Golden Medal in 2008 Olympics in Beijing
  • Bronze Medal in 2004 Olympics in Athens
  • Career Points Average of 24.7

What more can you ask from your small forward crop? The only problem is how are you going to get all these players and all this talent playing time?

Andre Iguodala/Philidelphia 76ers

Iguodala will not come in and put up the big time numbers like LeBron, Durant and Carmelo but he will come in and defend opposing teams best players when Kobe is sitting off.

Power Forwards

Kevin Love/Minnesota Timerwolves

Kevin Love is an absolute beast and grabs every rebounds in site it seems. He can also put up big scoring numbers has we have seen him go for 30-30 this season. Love also has the ability to shoot the open three if left open, which is perfect for the FIBA game. It will be interesting if Love is to start of if Coach K goes with Durant at the three and LeBron at the four position.

Blake Griffin/Los Angeles Clippers

Blake Griffin will get a shot to prove to many what he can do on a team full of talent. His usually post entries from Paul where Griffin is able to pause there and spin off defenders or turn around for a fade away will not get away in this tournament with the amount of pesty guards he will be playing against. So I see Griffin as being used in the open court catching alley-oops from Chris Paul. Something quiet familiar I’d say?


Tyson Chandler/New York Knicks

The lone center on the roster yet again, is Tyson Chandler. Chandler will get this spot since Dwight Howard is not available and I think Coach K is easing into the situation of Anthony Davis and maybe waiting till next Olympics to bring him onto the team. With that being said, Chandler will do what Chandler does best, grabbing rebounds and keep offensive possessions alive.

Alternatives or Snub List

Eric Gordon/Phoenix Suns or New Orleans Hornets

I feel that Gordon should have made it over James Harden as his game is more suited for the FIBA style and the team already has enough itty gritty attackers, so why not add a weapon that you will need down the line….a shooter!

Rudy Gay/Memphis Grizzlies

Well let’s just say it sucks that he is trying to make the team over guys like LeBron, Durant and Carmelo. Sorry Gay.

Anthony Davis/New Orleans Hornets

Davis is still young, and maybe the ankle he tweaked could have played a role in this decision to keep him off the team so further damage to that ankle could not be done going into this anticipated rookie season.

Written By: Matt Ravida

  1. Lemazing James
    July 8, 2012 at 6:55 am

    Lets be real now, the USA basketball team is the best team in the tournament. The have the scoring champ Kevin Durant, the king of basketball Lebron James and the animal Kobe Bryant. I will bet my 4 year old son that Team USA will bring gold back home.

    • July 8, 2012 at 2:06 pm

      Of course they have the most talented team in the tournament by far. But we have seen in years past that even the stacked USA Teams have issues against the likes Argentina and Spain, with Spain being the closet team to the US. So do not necessarily look past the Spaniards when it comes to the medal rounds.

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