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Matt Ravida

Co-Founder and creator of M & M World Sports Blog. I am an aspiring Sports Agent, who also happens to be a humble highschool Student Athlete. I want to take my talents to a University in the United States or Canada for both basketball and a Sports Management course. I love sports in general but more so the NBA and College Basketball. You will see many articles written by me fall under the NBA or College Basketball categories, with the exception of a few Soccer posts discussing the greatest footballer in the World, Italian striker Mario Balotelli, known to many as “Super Mario“.

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Mohamed A. Mohamed

Co-Founder and creator of M & M World Sports Blog. I am an aspiring Sport Agent who wants to pursue this career with post-secondary experience. I am a huge sports fan as a whole, but my favourite sports are basketball, soccer and hockey. Expect to see my articles in almost every sport ranging from basketball all the way to boxing! Chelsea FC  and the Kansas Jayhawks Men’s basketball team are my favourite team in all of sports and Didier Drogba is my favourite athlete.

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Cam Turnbull

I am aspiring sports journalist who is an avid Hockey, Football and Baseball fan. After high school I plan to pursue sports journalism and sports media up here in Canada, and let that take me all over the world. I love sports in general but follow hockey more than anything. The Calgary Flames are my favourite NHL team and Jarome Iginla has been my man ever since I can remember. I’m also a huge Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates fan who you will find writing about hockey and occasionally baseball and/or football.

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Lawan Kakei

Highschool Senior who is an all-round sports fan, but most importantly a soccer fan. I’m all about teams that play with a beautiful style, talented players and intelligent coaches. I live, breathe, and sleep Arsenal FC, my favourite player is Raul, and Arsene Wenger brings an exquisite image to the world of soccer.

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