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Who Is The King of Court Cuts: Blake Griffin, LeBron James or Vince Carter?

After years of watching the likes of The Score and waiting for the moment every time Court Cuts was to appear. So going through the many different court cut videos of players I could find, I came up with the conclusion that these three players: Blake Griffin, LeBron James and Vince Carter had the three most jaw dropping Court Cuts of any other player.

So now that I have narrowed the list down to three players, I want to see your own personal opinions on whose Court Cuts video is the best of all-time.

First we have Blake Griffin, this mix was taken from his college days at Oklahoma and his rookie year with the Clippers. A constant you will see throughout this video is that Blake Griffin dunks over anything and everything in his way.

Next we have the “King” LeBron James. James is fresh off his championship season, so nothing better than showing a video of the good times he had in Cleveland.

Lastly, we have the Half Man, Half Amazing, Mr. Air Canada himself, Vinsanity, the one and only Vince Carter. As you can tell from the introduction alone you know right away who my vote is for the winner of the best Court Cuts video of all-time is. His video includes ridiculous windmills, eye-popping athleticism, a French seven footer being crowned, a dunk that is considered to be the best dunk of all time, and a nice poster to give to Alonzo Mounring and many other victims. The words to describe Carter’s Court Cut video is endless and I still think this video does not do any justice for the dunking abilities of Mr. Carter.

Without further adieu here is the video of the greatest dunker’s to ever touch the hardware.

Now it is your turn to give your opinion on who you think has the greatest Court Cuts video of all time.

Written By: Matt Ravida

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