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Is the 2012-2013 NBA Season the Year the Heat Surpass the Bulls 1995-96 All-Time Season Win Record?

Miami’s Big Three celebrating their championship win.

Jordan, Jackson, Pippen and Rodman showing off the trophies.

From the first day Miami’s “Big Three” were formed, comparisons to the Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen’s Chicago Bulls were made and whether or not the Heat could match or surpass the 95-96 Jordan and Pippen led Bulls single season record for wins with 72.

The Big Three have finished both their seasons second in the East with a 58-24 the first season and 46-20 in the second season which was shortened due to NBA and NBPA disagreements.

Michael Jordan’s 95-96 Bulls are considered by many as the best basketball team in NBA history and that the 72-10 record is one of few records that cannot be touched. Although many teams like the 71-72 Lakers, 66-67 76ers, and most recently the 08-09 Cavaliers (who also had the likes of LeBron James), have come very close but still came up short in matching or surpassing the Bulls record of 72 wins in a season.

The next portion of this article is to show you why the LeBron James led 2012-13 Miami Heat team has the ability to surpass Jordan’s 95-96 Bulls as the team as the single season most winningest  team of all-time.

  1. LeBron James is finally mastering his game!
  • Coming off a stellar championship run, LeBron James is showing why he is the best basketball player right now! He averaged 30,3 points per game, 9.7 rebounds per game, 5.6 assists per game and a career high 1.9 blocks per game. If this continues on to the start of the next season you can be sure to see LeBron James lift his fourth Maurice Podoloff Trophy (Regular season MVP).

2.  Heat seem to be  more hungry then ever!

  • After being asked if he was satisfied with one champion, James replied “There is no way I am satisfied with one, the journey is still going and I’m going to push myself and my team to be back here every year possible.
  • Players now that they have to come back next year and defend their title and prove to everyone why they are the World Champions!

3.  Signing of Ray Allen Improves bench.

  • The signing of Ray Allen, who leads the league in all-time three point field goals made, adds a reliable bench scorer and relieves pressure off the Big Three.
  • Allen will be a lethal threat coming off the bench. He will bring a reliable three point shooter that almost never misses if left open. Yes, the Heat do have shooters in Mike Miller and Shane Battier and both came alive in the Finals when it needed most but neither ones stroke was anywhere to be found during the regular season and this is about getting the all time single season wins record.

Head coach Erik Spoelstra and LeBron James #6 of the Miami Heat celebrate their championship win.

4. Pressures on Erik Spoelstra have finally been relieved. 

  • With every mistake Spoelstra made being scrutinized by media, he always tried to play it safe and didn’t make too many hard decisions.
  • Now with championship experience Spoelstra will not need to be the same coach he was years before and use the freedom given to him by Pat Riley.
  • The players also on many occasions praise their coach, so don’t be shocked to see a smarter more risk-taking Erik Spoelstra.

5. Players have never been more comfortable with their roles on the team.

  • LeBron now knows that this is his team, and that he needs to take a commanding role. He also needs to not shy away from big moments and takeover the way he did in the Finals against OKC.
  • Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh know they’re roles and showed it in full display these playoffs.
  • Bosh is the energetic player who they desperately needed to give the crowd energy and something to feed off of.
  • Wade is the second offensive option and showed  he can thrive that way putting up 25.2 points per game throughout these playoffs.
  • Players such as Mike Miller, Shane Battier know that on offence they need to get open and give LeBron options.
In conclusion, this shows that if any team could beat the 72-10 record made by Michael Jordan’s Bulls, it can be LeBron James’ Miami Heat. They have the pieces, they are coming off of a championship win, and signed a great free agent in Ray Allen. We’ll just have to see how this season and the Miami Heat’s journey pans out.

Written By: Mohamed A. Mohamed & Matt Ravida

  1. Lemazing James
    July 10, 2012 at 9:37 pm

    Yes all these facts you stated are true but i must add i have been working on my jump shot so I am now unstoppable! Also Chris is not soft any more and Wade went on a diet (I suggested it). So we will not only have a better record then the bulls we will go 81-1 that loss will be to the the Charlotte Bobcats there superior skills on the basketball court are way too much for us 😦

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