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Why Adrian Peterson’s Torn ACL and Arrest Will Spark His Best Season Yet

After hearing about the Adrian Peterson arrest and rumours to why he was arrested, the media started to blow things way out of proportion to the point that Adrian Peterson even went to his Twitter to tell all his followers the following:

He was sent to jail for the rest of the night and had to pay a $1,000 bail.

But things took a twist in the arrest, when Peterson even went as far as saying that he was the victim of this arrest and he in fact did not resist arrest. This was even taken to one of the top defence attorney Rusty Hardin. Hardin states that Peterson has done nothing wrong, and in fact he was the one who was beaten and he was the victim of this all scene, but the officers.

So what does this leave for the 27 year old Peterson and how will this effect his ability to run over defenders next year with the Minnesota Vikings? Adrian is coming off a injury plagued season in which he only played 12 games do to a torn ACL and MCL. It was the first time in Peterson’s short career that he did not rush for over 1,000 yards, finishing with 970 in only 12 games and finishing with 12 touchdowns nonetheless. Peterson is the best running back in the game, one of the hardest working players as well, he has the dedication and determination to be the greatest running back there ever was. Which is why I personally think if Peterson is healthy, the 2012-13 will be Peterson’s year. The determination alone he had with just pounding defenders and trying to run over anyone in his way was already second to none, but now mix that in with a season in which is eyes was a failure and off-field issues that may have hindered his image. Peterson would want nothing more than to shut everyone up by using that dedication and determination that he ever so possesses.

Peterson has shut up critics before, even before he played single game in the NFL, fans and media were already bashing the running back on why they would need to Draft him when the team already had Chester Taylor. The result of that criticism on Peterson? He’s played six seasons rushed for 6,732 yards, has 64 rushing touchdowns, has an average of 4.8 yards per carry and lastly has the 4th highest average rushing per game in NFL history of 92.5 yards. Behind only Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, and Terrell Davis….not bad company.

All and all, these are the main reasons why I think Adrian Peterson is going to tear the league part next year and make it his year. He is going to take his injury and the criticism he has received from his arrest to spark his best season ever as a Minnesota Viking.

Written By: Matt Ravida

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