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Matt Ravida Video of the Day: Javale McGee and $10 Million Reasons Why He Does or Does Not Deserves a New Contract

With the recent negotiations the Denver Nuggets are having with Javale McGee, the Nuggets and McGee are discussing a deal that could potentially pay McGee $10 million annually for the unpredictable center.

This leaves me to wonder are the Nuggets going to make one of the smartest decisions and lock up an up-and-coming center who has show flashes of brilliance, but at the same time has shown that he is arguably the dumbest player in the NBA. Time will only tell with McGee to see what kind of player we see from him. Since coming to the Nuggets half through the season last year from the Wizards was a great turning point for his career getting him out of the terrible situation the Wizards and McGee himself were in.

But for everyone out there who thinks of McGee as the dumbest player in the NBA, and should not be deserving of $10 million a season this video is for you.

Written By: Matt Ravida

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